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Welcome to Shang Hai Ding!

Hello! and welcome to our Shang Hai Ding : House of Dumpling!. We are a chinese restaurant in Penang specialized in chinese cuisine. Our best food product categories are shanghai "Xiao Long Bao", Ramen and other Shanghai Cuisines.

Latest News

Our 8th year anniversary promotion!!! Hurry up!
Every purchase of 8pcs Shanghai Meat Dumplings and get a FREE 4pcs Shanghai Meat Dumplings!!
Effective from 1st September – 15th September!!

上海鼎八周年纪念特别优惠!! 凡买八粒小笼包赠送四粒小笼包!! 优惠从1-9-2014 至15-9-2014

Shanghai Juicy Meat Dumplings 上海正宗小笼包 (8pcs/八粒) RM12.80

For Reservation/预约: 604-6441644

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Our Testimonials
  • "Thanks for the recommendation! I went to the restaurant and loved the Xiao Long Bao. Will definitely go back again..."

    Penang Food Lover

  • "One of my favourite restaurant for lunch! The fried radish cake is a MUST to try... "

    New Kid On The Blog

  • "I tried at this restaurant before in last yr. I think they serve the best siu long bao I ever tasted. ya the Pokey mouse and Crispy honey BBQ pastry taste good..."

Booking / Delivery

We now offer delivery services to nearby areas :

    Queensbay area :

  • Business hours:
    8am - 10pm.
  • Call: +604 644 1644

We are featured in :

Malaysia Tourism Award

Location :Bayan Indah
Shanghai Ding / 上海鼎
Blk H, 4G,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Bayan Bay, 11900 Penang

8am - 10pm. (everyday*)

Credit Cards Accepted
Visa, Master Card.

Contact Info
Tel: +604-644 1644